Link Fix - Car Seat Adaptor

Link Fix - Car Seat Adaptor


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Spanish style – Jané Link Fix

Life is made so much easier when you can easily transition a sleepy baby from a car to their stroller with little to no disruption.

The Jané Link-Fix adapter makes life on the go with an infant that seamless. The Link-Fix converts the chassis of your Jané pram into a travel system that easily connects to popular infant car seat model Maxi Cosi.

All you need to do is snap the adapter onto your Jané pram chassis, and your infant car seat will simply click safely and securely into place. With the Link-Fix there is no need to wake your baby when transitioning from car to pram.

Fits to all Jané prams; Epic, Muum, Rider, Twone, Trider, Crosswalk.

Carseats are not included, images are for display purpose only and use U.S carseats in the images. Some carseat styles may vary for the Australian market.



  • Quick attach and release.
  • Easy to use.
  • Suits a range of infant car seats including Maxi-Cosi