Hello. We’re PacaPod.
We like to bring order to chaos. One baby wipe at a time.
Every day with small people is an adventure.
Whether it’s a trip to the swings on a wet day or a long haul flight in the heat of summer.
We know the joy of picking raisins out of your new phone whilst sat on a park bench.
And as parents ourselves, at PacaPod we believe being able to lay your hands on a clean nappy is an
absolute deal-breaker.
So we think it’s best to be prepared.
Which is why we invented our brilliant 3-in-1 organising system.
It basically takes all the stuff you need (just to get out of the house nowadays), and sorts it the hell out.
And keeps the messy, essential kid stuff away from your clean, important grown-up stuff.
Want to feed your hungry little one? We have a separate, insulated pod for that.
Need a pristine new nappy? Like, now? There’s a pod for that too.
And how about your own stuff?
We’ve got a pod just for you too, so your keys, phone and purse can all be carefully stashed (away from the
squishy raisins and leaky milk bottles).
We design our bags for all of the people you are as parents.
So our bags are must-have beautiful on the outside and hands-on practical on the inside. Just like you.
After all, just because your babies behave like (adorable) animals, doesn’t mean you have to as well, right?
And like you, we’re in it for the long haul.
It’s why each of our bags is built to last. And last. Think of them as easily-wipeable family heirlooms.
We know that life as a parent can be chaotic. And a bit scary sometimes too.
We can’t help you when they won’t stop crying, for example. Or when those first teeth arrive.
But we can make sure you can find that favourite toy in a hurry. Or easily grab the teething gel to soothe the
And our bags do all this so that you can look a screaming child straight in the eye and say: ‘Bring it on’.
Because we’re the mother of all changing bags. And we’ve got your back.

Where it all began...

Jacqueline Waggett, Creator of PacaPod… Clothing designer and mum of two young girls, drew on her own experiences to design the unique 3-in-1 baby organising system bag.
"As a mum when I need something I want to reach it quickly, easily and with a degree of confidence. That may sound pretty obvious but how many times have you rooted around a bag looking for the elusive wipes or a nappy bag only to be confronted with a half eaten sandwich, Flopsy bunny and handful of raisins? Life’s busy enough with the kids and when everything’s in place it means that we as a family are free to go and do the things we want. It can be something as simple as a trip to the park, playground or more adventurous travels to far-flung places but knowing that I’m organised is one less thing to worry about.

Being free to do the things I love with the one’s I love is something I wouldn’t change for the world, time is precious – we don’t get it back”

But it wasn’t just becoming a mum that gave her the spark to design her own baby changing bag. Having spent fifteen years designing outdoor clothing, which had to be comfortable and practical even in extreme weather conditions, Jacqueline took time cycling around the world with all her possessions stored in two bicycle panniers. As you can imagine, her eye for design – combined with the tips she learned for travelling light and being organised came in handy when she came to realise that there was a gap in the market for great-looking and practical baby bags.

Jacqueline had been disappointed with many of the baby bags on offer to new parents: often, a lack of different compartments meant that things were difficult to find and many of the design options were not ideal if Dad wants to take the baby out. With a little imagination and business sense – and a few focus groups with other new mums – Jacqueline launched PacaPod at Harrogate Nursery Trade Show in 2008. Since then it has been enthusiastically snapped up by busy parents, celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alesha Dixon, Sophie Ellis-Bextor andZara Phillips and major nursery retailers including John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Mothercare & JoJo Maman Bebe across the UK.

Delighted with the success of PacaPod in the UK, the growing team (of predominantly working mums) are developing new products all the time and launching PacaPod in overseas markets, to make PacaPod available to parents across the globe.